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Aila can’t wait to find her purpose in life and fulfill it to the best of her ability. She knows she meant for more than cleaning the kitchen and feeding the pigs. She wants to be important and to make a difference. Held as a servant in her great aunt’s manor house, it’s hard to see anything else as an option.

Determined that by finding her father and learning more about the family that gave her away she will discover her true purpose, Aila runs away with her best friend, Corin. With this new freedom, Aila’s talents are given room to develop and grow. She journeys to the city by the sea meeting many obstacles along the way. When she discovers there really is such things as dragons and they threaten her people, Aila must accept her talents, her friends and begin to live her true purpose. Can she handle everything that purpose is about to challenge her with?

The FireHand Girl is a story about Purpose. It is something that many struggle with and it seems to give us meaning, but from Aila’s story, we learn that Purpose is ever changing and ever at work in our lives, even when we are unaware.

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Tempting Seraphina: An Exotic Island Romance by [Sharp, Jennifer]

For an anthropologist, Sera Summers, it’s a dream job to carry out field work on a tropical island. Throw two beautiful local men into the picture and that dream job could become a nightmare. While Sera navigates the ethics of her job, her relationships with the artisans she’s studying and a mysterious art theft, her ties to home begin to break.


“takes the readers along on a tropical fantasy where the climate is hot and the men are hotter. The colors and atmosphere of the island will have the readers longing for their on island getaway. This story reminds readers there is more to life than work. Readers will find their interest captured as compelling characters come to recognize what is truly important in life.” The Romance Studio

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