Are You A Writer?

Hope everyone had a great Easter holiday!  I’m really not enjoying the freezing rain and snow we’re getting today but I have hope that Spring will show up at some point.

I’m jumping right in with a new program that is open right now for anyone interested in writing.  The Writer’s Mindset is available in hardcopy or a coaching program.  If you’re a writer in any capacity…published, self-published, hobbyist, freelancer…I want to offer you the opportunity to learn more about what the proper mindset can do for you.

Mindset covers a broad spectrum of personal development and it’s essential to getting what you desire out of life.  It is a set of skills and techniques you can use to feel fulfilled in what you do and to attract more abundance into your life.  This program includes scientifically proven techniques and it’s all geared toward writers because you are my tribe and I want to serve all of you.  It’s taken me years to learn all of this and to package it for you.  I really want you to take advantage of it.

This program doesn’t teach you how to write or how to publish but it does teach you how to be at ease in a ruthless business where rejection is an everyday occurance.  There’s so much more. I could go on and on.

If you’d like to learn more and have a few secrets in your back pocket, check out my book on Amazon.

As always, feel free to send an email with any questions to





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