Back To The Writing…

It’s finally beginning to look like spring here in Ontario.  It’s been the longest winter ever and where my spring flowers should be coming up is still covered in a foot of snow.  Thankfully, it’s melting fast.  The downside of the Internet is that I can see how spring like it is everywhere else in the world.  I definitely live in the wrong part of the world!

So, now that registrations are in and one program is well underway, it’s time to take my own advice and get back to the reason why I’m here.  I thought maybe you’d like to follow my progress as I rewrite some novels of mine, start a new series and get back in the game of publishing more seriously than I have been in quite some time.

Upcoming will be two stand-alone romance novels, hopefully both to be released this spring.  One YA fantasy, in the same vein as The Firehand Girl,  will also be released, so that’s three altogether.

The new series is where I hope to spend most of this spring and summer.  I can’t give too many details yet. I hope you’ll come back for those in the near future but I can tell you that they’re set in exotic places and focus on legends of the area with a dash of romance.  The first, set in rural England, is well on it’s way.

In the meantime, check out CREATIVE MINDDESIGN on Amazon and follow me on Instagram.  Instagram is where I’ll make all announcements, cover reveals and hold giveaways (much like a newsletter) so don’t miss out!

Enjoy the last week of April! Hope you have more flowers around than I do!





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