Kids Grown? How to rewrite your purpose in an age of the #mommyblogger

Are you finding this too? There are so many posts out there about babies and raising kids that I can’t help but follow a couple, however, I can no longer relate in the present tense. My kids are teens, one is in university living four hours away.

For many years (the past 19!) my purpose was to raise good kids who had good values and were kind to others. I worked hard at it and I think I accomplished that (most days).

So, now what. We all know we continue to be parents and they still need us but it’s not the same type of need. Everything I’ve read says to spend the extra time on yourself and rediscover what you used to enjoy. What does that mean to you?

Given that I’m a Purpose Coach, I’m not adept at taking my own advice and sticking with it, but I’ve recently discovered how much self-discipline it takes to create a new way of thinking. Self-discipline is a muscle that needs to be exercised. So, mine is currently being exercised, starting with this blog.

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