3 Quick and Valuable Things To Do When Spring Has Stalled

In my part of the world there is still no sign of Spring. I am not a fan of winter. No matter how many layers of clothes I wear I cannot keep warm and…it’s so dark!

Endless Winter

The picture above was taken outside my door on March 11th. Based on the level of snow by my apple tree, it’s still up to my waist. It’s going to take FOREVER to melt!

At the beginning of winter, I told myself I was going to have a different mindset regarding this season. It was a bit of a struggle but it could have been worse.

Here are three things to try everyday if you struggle with winter like I do (aside from a trip to the Caribbean).

  1. Exercise! This is the number one thing to do when you struggle with anything. Talk about a brain wash! It quite literally gives your brain a good cleaning. Do this every day anyway. I’m not going to go in the science today, but it’s worth it.
  2. Eat your veggies! I don’t like vegetables. I’m still the pickiest of eaters. Something I’ve never outgrown, unfortunately. However, I do know they have the same effects on energy levels and a clear brain as exercise does. To combat my non-love of vegetables, I make sure I take my vitamins and find new ways to cook the vegetables I otherwise wouldn’t eat. (Garlic works wonders on beans!)
  3. Be in the snow! If you can, go outside and find ways to enjoy the snow. It can be something as simple as walking the dog. With a winter that really didn’t get much above -20C each morning, this was a struggle, both for my lovely dog and I. With enough layers and covering of my face, it was somewhat manageable and there were some beautiful walks in the woods. ~ Build a snowman, go tobogganing. These things are easier if you have kids, but if you have teens or no kids, at least work on getting yourself out there even if they refuse to join you. I was out in the snow so much more when the kids were little. Now, it’s a matter of willpower.

So, there you have it. It’s March (supposedly when Spring arrives) and I’m still working on my mindset regarding winter. I know I’m not the only one. If you think this list is obvious and basic, it is. It’s that way for a reason. I catch myself often not following my own rules. This is a reminder that the basics are super-important. If you’re struggling, go back to the basics. What are your methods of combating winter-dislike?

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