Exploring the Idea of Purpose

I decided to take this opportunity to talk to you a bit about why I’m blogging. In taking my certification courses to become a Purpose Coach, Happiness Coach and Life Coach, I was forced to evaluate WHY I was taking these courses. The Internet is filled with various tips and techniques to help you when you’re feeling stuck and I exhausted all of that. The coaching helped consolidate all I’d learned over the years.

I learned that my purpose is not in my day job. It’s a mixture of various interests and it changes over time. My purpose for quite awhile was to be the best mom I could be. In a year and a half, both my kids will have grown and flown. We live in a very small town. They don’t intend to return other than to visit. It’s not that I’m done being a mom, but that purpose has morphed into something else that I’m still navigating.

My purpose, now that I have more time on my hands, is to share and teach what I’ve been taught. I believe that is a great way to help make the world a better place. If people were content and fulfilling their own purpose, the world would be much happier and more peaceful. Courses, such as the ones I have created, pull together teachings and activities and make them available in one spot. There are many courses out there and I don’t think there can ever be enough. Each one calls to specific people.

I’m also continuing to learn and take courses. This is part of my purpose as well. The more I learn, the more I can share.

I’m curious what others are doing to find their purpose. Feel free to comment.

The 5am Club? Is getting up at 5am really necessary for success?

I am in the middle of reading The 5am Club by Robin Sharma. Have you read this? The premise is that if you take an early morning hour, before anyone else is awake, and use it to exercise, meditate, learn and set goals, you will be setting yourself up for not only a great and successful day but a great life.

The book is written as fiction but mirrors the life of a success coach/guru. The plot is very loose but the book is meant to focus on how to create a successful and happy life for yourself and it accomplishes that by laying out the steps in an entertaining format.

According to his website, “Robin Sharma is considered to be one of the top 5 leadership experts in the world. His work is embraced by rock stars, royalty, billionaires and many celebrity CEOs.” It’s well worth your time to read his blog and watch his videos on Youtube.

My thoughts on the teachings of this book are that you don’t necessarily have to wake up at 5am. What if you can wake up at 6am and still have a solid hour before you are required to do anything for anyone else? My theory is that that is fine too. I’ll let you know if I’ve changed my mind by the end of the book. However, the remainder of the advice, life skills, anecdotes and quotes of not only affirmation but wisdom, make this book a gem.

So, given that I’m not getting up to hurriedly get kids ready for school anymore (I just have to drag one out of bed) here I go with a new goal. I’ve already found it to provide me with a pile of energy still going by the end of the work day. I haven’t worked it into every day yet. I’m at the part of the book where Mr. Sharma explains how to do that. He’s already proven to me that I need to. Another self-discipline muscle that needs to be worked on. The mindset it provides is worth its weight in gold, so to speak.

My plan is to implement this practice and update you with my progress in a future blog. Are you familiar with the 5am Club? What habits have you instilled to ensure a fantastic life?

Kids Grown? How to rewrite your purpose in an age of the #mommyblogger

Kids Grown?  How to rewrite your purpose in an age of the #mommyblogger

Are you finding this too? There are so many posts out there about babies and raising kids that I can’t help but follow a couple, however, I can no longer relate in the present tense. My kids are teens, one is in university living four hours away.

For many years (the past 19!) my purpose was to raise good kids who had good values and were kind to others. I worked hard at it and I think I accomplished that (most days).

So, now what. We all know we continue to be parents and they still need us but it’s not the same type of need. Everything I’ve read says to spend the extra time on yourself and rediscover what you used to enjoy. What does that mean to you?

Given that I’m a Purpose Coach, I’m not adept at taking my own advice and sticking with it, but I’ve recently discovered how much self-discipline it takes to create a new way of thinking. Self-discipline is a muscle that needs to be exercised. So, mine is currently being exercised, starting with this blog.

Life Purpose

I’ve pulled this from an email I received. I think it’s incredibly valuable and thought I’d share it with all of you!  This is from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book The Power of Intention.  I encourage all of you to devour Wayne Dyer’s books.  They will help you bring all you desire into your life in a way that seems simple and straightforward.  Enjoy!

“We become what we think about all day long. What thoughts do you have that inhibit you from feeling as if you’re on purpose in your life? For instance, if you think that you’re separate from your purpose and that you’re drifting without direction through your life, then that’s precisely what you’ll attract.

Suppose, instead, that you know this is a purposeful universe where your thoughts, emotions, and actions are a part of your free will and are also connected to the power of intention. Suppose that your thoughts of being purposeless and aimless are really a part of your purpose. Just as the thought of losing someone you love makes you love them even more, or an illness makes you treasure your health, suppose that it takes the thought of your unimportance to make you realize your value.

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” ~ Robert Bryne

The source of thought is an infinite reservoir of energy and intelligence. In a sense, thoughts about your purpose are really your purpose trying to reconnect to you. That inner being-ness knows why you’re here, but your ego prods you to chase after money, prestige, popularity, and sensory pleasures and miss the purpose of living. You may feel sated and gain a reputation, but inside there’s that gnawing feeling typified by the old Peggy Lee song “Is That All There Is?”

Focusing on the demands of the ego leaves you feeling unfulfilled. Deep within you, at the level of your being, is what you were intended to become, to accomplish, and to be. In that inner placeless place, you’re connected to the power of intention. It will find you.

Make a conscious effort to contact it and listen. Practice being what you are at the source of your soul. Go to your soul level, where intention and purpose fit together so perfectly that you achieve the epiphany of simply knowing this is it.

When you’re awake enough to question your purpose and ask how to connect to it, you’re being prodded by the power of intention. The very act of questioning why you’re here is an indication that your thoughts are nudging you to reconnect to the field of intention. What’s the source of your thoughts about your purpose? Why do you want to feel purposeful? Why is a sense of purpose considered the highest attribute of a fully functioning person?

Because we’re human…”




Change Your Perspective by Changing Your Words.

Perspective is everything when it comes to how we feel, and the words that we use are critical factors of our perspective.  Last week, we chatted about limiting beliefs.  Here is how to overcome those beliefs.

This is particularly important for writers who are dealing with rejection after rejection or who have to show up a day job week after week.  These few little tips can drastically add to your happiness.

Have To vs Get To:
What areas in your life do you feel and say “I have to”?  For example,”I have to go to work.”  Change it to “I get to go to work,” and see how different you feel.  Now, change the rest of your “have to’s” into “get to’s” and try your new perspective on for size.

I Can’t vs How Can I?
What areas do you limit your ability to truly be authentic to what you want and your ability to feel joy?  Changing terminology allows the brain to stop shutting off possibilities and instead look for ways to create the things you desire.  What do you feel limited about?  Does asking “how can I?” change the way you feel about it?

Changing Your “What ifs”!
Many times we use “What ifs” in a negative way.  For example, people say “what if I get fired”, “what if my relationship goes bad”, and so on and so on.  These “what ifs” take away our ability to feel joy because they stop us from doing what we really want in life out of fear of “what if”.  Try turning your “what ifs” into POSITIVE ones!  “What if you get a promotion?” and “What if you get an offer?”.

Remember, the unconscious mind is powerful and will LOOK FOR whatever you tell it to look for.  By saying “What if something amazing happens?” your mind automatically will begin scanning your life for amazing things!

I hope that you’ll join me in the MindDesign Author’s Academy for deeper work on limiting beliefs and perspective.  Let me know how this works for you at mindflutters1@gmail.com.  I’d love to hear from you.